ACHILLES 2233, 215/55ZR17

ACHILLES 2233, 215/55ZR17
السعر: SR. 260
علامة تجارية: Multistrada
رمز المنتج: 2233
توفر: في سوق الأسهم
الحجم 215/55ZR17
كودي 98W XL

Achiles 2233 tires are built to support sport enthusiasts. Specially designed with asymmetrical tread patterns that deliver firm gripping and better control while speeding, braking and cornering. Its groove design enables the optimum hydroplaning system, giving you a safer and even more comfortable driving experience.

Features & Benefits

Broad tread shoulder design and wide center rib
Maintains stable contact during cornering and excellent straight-line stability
Asymmetrical tread pattern
Superb cornering stability and precision steering response
Stronger breaker and cap ply material
Increase control of the centrifugal force and stability at high speed
Wider ribs with water channeling at shoulder
Reduced hydroplaning and better grip during wet breaking

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