ACHILLES 122, 195/60R15

ACHILLES 122, 195/60R15
السعر: SR. 195
علامة تجارية: Multistrada
رمز المنتج: 122
توفر: في سوق الأسهم
الحجم 195/60R15
به: Achilles ATR

Achilles 122 is an aggressive performance tires which offers driving comforts with stability and precise hydroplaning system on highway driving experience.

Features & Benefits

Multi-Sipes Design,
For better hydroplaning on wet road conditions
Stiffer tread area,
For straight-line tracking, improves high-speed stability and dry braking
Water channeling to the center rib,
Optimizes water evacuation and improve contact area. This reduces hydroplaning.

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